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Hi, I’m Ivan Kreimer and welcome to Content Fiesta, the educational hub where freelance writers come to build a six-figure career from their writing skills. ivan kreimer

I believe every person who loves to write and want to make a living off their passion can do it. Sadly, many freelance writers end up running the wheel, suffering from low-paying jobs in content mills and other freelance writing platforms.

I’ve been there, and I hated every minute of it.

My clients complained a lot. Some told me my content wasn’t what they asked me to write about, even though they never told me what I had to write in the first place.

I mean, what the hell?

Back then, I didn’t know freelance writers can make six figures from their work. I thought I was destined to make a few hundred dollars per piece, if any.

I didn’t know how I could ever break out of this situation…until it hit me.

I realized that if I wanted to make six figures, I had to stop thinking like a writer and start thinking like an executive.

I used to think that all I had to do is take the work a client gave me, put the words together, and give it back. My input was minimal; I was just a cog in a machine.

I write for companies who need content, that’s all I do,” I used to think.

Then, I realized what I truly did with my writing.

I help businesses grow; writing is how I do it.

Once I started acting like an executive, everything changed.

I started asking the right questions to my clients, questions that I thought were irrelevant or too personal to ask.

But not only the clients didn’t mind them; they liked them.

When I told them my content was $500, they didn’t mind. In fact, they expected me to ask that price.

Then, I started charging $600, $700, even $1000.

All of a sudden, my clients started being incredibly polite and cooperative. They even started referring other companies to me—free advertising, in other words.

I started traveling the world, working for incredible places, and meeting great people along the way.

Everything changed for the better.

And so it will for you if you start to think like an executive.

That’s why I started Content Fiesta. To help freelance writers like you make a living and live their lives in whatever way you want.

If you want to make a living from your writing skills and make six-figures or more, Content Fiesta will help you.

Let’s make this moment the start of a new freelance writing career.

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This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at other blogs. I am surprised to see a complete information and Godzilla size blog, lol. — Riyaz Shaikh

Reading your content is like attending a mini-course on writing. — Hephzy

About Ivan Kreimer

Who Is Ivan Kreimer?

I’m sure by now you must be asking yourself, “but who is this Ivan guy? Who is he to teach me anything about writing, anyway?

These are some valid questions. I get it: there’s a lot of writing advice, and I’m sure you have read it a lot of it.

The thing is, I’m not a professionally-trained writer. I didn’t study writing in college. Actually, I didn’t even graduate. I studied business management in Argentina, my home country, and I dropped out after four years. (If you are wondering why I didn’t get a degree in that time, it’s because careers there are stupidly long. Go figure. 🤷‍♂️)

After dropping out, I worked some odd jobs as a freelance SEO specialist. I liked SEO—I still do—but it frustrated me. It wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I did growth hacking for a while, before it became a “thing,” but once again, that wasn’t the right thing for me. It didn’t feel right.

I kept running in circles, doing freelance work, and blogging on my personal site, until one day, I found a job posting for a writing position at a content marketing agency. Even though I rarely apply for jobs, for whatever reason, I applied.

As I was filling the answers in the application form, everything started to make sense. At that moment, I realized that the common denominator among all my startups and odd jobs was content.

And I realized writing fulfilled me. With my experience in the marketing world, my passion, and my content chops, I decided I would to start a freelance writing business.

I fired an email to a friend who was already a successful freelance writer, and after getting some useful advice from him, he referred to a client he didn’t want to work with. A few weeks later, I had my first paid article published. Not a lot of money—$200—but it sure felt amazing.

In a matter of weeks, I had become a professional freelance writer.

Six months later, I had some big clients on my portfolio, and off I was traveling the world. It was a dream come true.

Four years later, I’m proud to say I still work as a freelance writer for SaaS companies. I have been blessed to work with incredible companies, like Foundr, Leadfeeder, and Campaign Monitor. I have also published in top sites like Shopify, TheNextWeb, and Entrepreneur.

My limitless curiosity continues to ignore my writing motivation. I write every day, and in each opportunity, I improve my writing skills a little.

The sky is the limit.

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My Values

  1. Be close to the reader. Seek their opinions and feedback, learn from their ideas, talk to them as often as possible, even if that takes time.
  2. The reader comes first. Always listen to them, always answer their emails as soon as possible, always ask their opinion, and always write with their best interest in mind.
  3. Quality over quantity. It’s much more important to create the top content in the industry than publishing a lot of content.
  4. Transparency and integrity. I only write about what I know and recommend what I like. I do not have a hidden agenda.

I Believe Content Should Always Be

  • Story-driven: People love stories; they crave them. Every piece must have at least one story that engages people and fosters their imagination.
  • Scientifically-backed: Whenever possible, show how science proves my points and ideas.
  • Proof-backed: Ideas aren’t born in a vacuum; they need to be rooted in reality and truth. Everything I say must have an example, quote, or research data point that proves its closeness to reality.
  • Brutally honest: The blogosphere is full of BS — my content breaks through the noise by being brutally honest with people. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, period. It doesn’t matter if that makes me lose money; what matters is that people get the truth.
  • Insanely actionable: Ideas must be rooted in reality, that means the closest they are with the reader’s life, the better. Making ideas actionable helps the reader see themselves doing what I’m preaching so they can get closer to the truth, to the reality they want to construct from themselves.
  • Thoughtful: Whatever is published must show that it was well-thought. If a piece of content doesn’t make someone think and re-think their life (even if it’s related to their content marketing), then it’s not good content.

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Writing Tools I Use

  • Bear: My favorite writing tool so far. It’s simple, cheap ($14.99 a year), and works great. I use Bear for research, outlining, and writing.
  • Google Docs: The best writing tool to edit and collaborate with clients. All my work is finished in a Google Docs and sent to my clients.
  • Grammarly: My favorite proofreading and editing tool. It’s relatively cheap (as little as $11.66 per month), easy to use, and effective. Read my full Grammarly review in here.

My Rules

  • Please, be nice to everybody. This doesn’t apply just for this blog, by the way.
  • I don’t accept guest posts.
  • If you want to work with me, check my service page.
  • If you want to contact me, do it on my contact page.

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