Are you tired of creating content without getting any results?

If you are, you came to the right place…

Hey there, I’m Ivan Kreimer, a freelance content writer that specializes in working with SaaS businesses like yours: B2B founders, inbound marketers, content managers, and CEOs that want to drive more traffic to their blogs and generate more relevant leads.

If you are you looking for someone who can take your content creation to the next level, I can help you.

In the past, I have:

  • Created content for some of the world’s most important publications (like Shopify and KISSmetrics),
  • Worked as an SEO consultant for almost 5 years for many industry-leading companies, including one of the world’s biggest banks,
  • Worked as a growth hacker for an e-commerce SaaS business,
  • Started an e-commerce store.

If you are a SaaS founder or marketer who creates content to:

  • Attract more qualified website traffic,
  • Generate more quality leads,
  • Increase the awareness of your software,
  • Persuade more visitors to sign up,
  • Build an engaged audience, and
  • Accelerate your sales process…

…but you’re too busy to write it yourself… 

…then I’m the guy you should be talking to.

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