Ivan Kreimer: Freelance Writer for Hire for B2B SaaS Companies

Hi, I’m Ivan Kreimer, and I’m a content marketer who helps SaaS companies increase their brand authority.

For the past four years, I have worked with industry-leading companies like Leadfeeder, Adroll, Oberlo, and CampaignMonitor create content that ranks high in Google search results.

My client’s content has featured in over two dozen leading publications, including Entrepreneur, TheNextWeb, Shopify, BigCommerce, Convince and Convert, and MarketingProfs.

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Here’s What Others Say About Me

JD Prater, Director of Growth, AdStage

Ivan has been a great addition to our content team and has helped our blog out tremendously. He’s written on a variety of topics for us and takes on every blog post we give him. His content is exactly what we were looking for, as it’s helped our brand’s long-term presence with long-tail keywords while providing engaging posts.

Nathan Chan, CEO, Foundr

Ivan is an outstanding content marketer with a track record for creating evergreen content that ranked high in the search engines and helped our brand stand out in the competitive online business industry. His outside-the-box thinking will help your business grow, just like it did for Foundr. It isn’t easy to find incredible content writers, and I can’t recommend him high enough!

Jonny Buttler, Growth Marketing, Leadfeeder

It was a pleasure working with Ivan. He was collaborative at the start of our project, providing his own ideas and feedback, delivered high-quality content on-time, and followed through with helping our link building activities. I’m really happy with the content he created and would definitely work with Ivan again in the future.

I Help Companies Get Inbound Links and Brand Visibility

In 2020, publishing high-quality content alone won’t get you far.

In the endless ocean of content we are sailing, quality is slowly becoming a commodity.

Search, and you will find many well-thought, useful, and grammatically correct content in almost every vertical imaginable.

The marketing world has caught up in the content world.

Your content needs visibility.

I can tell you from experience a dozen cases where I poured my soul into a piece that disappeared inside the ever-growing blog caverns.

You need someone who helps you promote your content.

You need targeted, relevant inbound links that boost your brand’s authority and visibility.

That’s why I help companies increase their domain authority and organic traffic through targeted brand mentions in high-authority sites.

In the past four years, I have clients featured in sites like Shopify, Entrepreneur, and MarketingProfs.

Ivan Kreimer: Freelance Writer for Hire for B2B SaaS Companies

Don’t take my word for it.

Foundr, an Australian educational company for entrepreneurs, was looking to increase the number of inbound links pointing to one of their most important articles about building an Instagram following.

To help them promote this piece, I wrote an extensive guide on a similar subject on BigCommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms.

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Thanks to links like this one, Foundr already ranks for several high-CPC high-volume keywords such as “get followers on Instagram” (2,000 monthly searches).

Besides guest posting, I was able to negotiate link mentions in sites like CoSchedule, G2, and GetResponse:

content marketing services

After six months of work, Foundr landed over 100 links in sites with domain ratings between 60 to 90.

If you need to increase your organic traffic, my brand mention services will help you do so.

Here’s How My Service Works

Whether you are a busy founder or a marketing manager, you don’t have enough resources to do all of this yourself.

If you want to increase your brand’s reach for your audience, I can help.

If you are interested in working with me, here’s how our work would look like:

Content Strategy Call

Before we can work together, we need to get to know each other. In our initial call, I will ask you some questions that will help me get a clearer idea of your current situation. You will also have a chance to ask me as many questions as you want.

If I think I can help your company with your content needs, we will discuss what I can do for your company. Once we agree on the project’s scope and price, I will send you a contract you will need to sign. As soon as that happens, the fun starts.

Plan and Research

In this stage, we will discuss the pages or posts that your company needs to improve based on their current performance, the competition for the keywords, CPC, search volume, and other factors. After we reach an agreement, I will make a list of the sites I will get your brand mentioned on.


Once we decide the pages to promote and sites where to promote your brand, I will start negotiating with the editors of each of these sites. Once the editors agree on the topic, I get working on the content.


This is my favorite step because I get to write each of the pieces previously discussed. Rarely I need something from my clients as I publish the content pieces under my name. So you can relax and wait until the content is done and published.


After I write an article, I let it rest for at least a day. Then, I re-read and edit it to improve readability, clarity, and consistency. I also run it through my favorite editing tool, Grammarly. In some specific cases, I get an external editor to check my content.

Rinse and Repeat

Once I send the article to the editor, we need to wait until they publish it. This often takes 10 to 60 days, at most. Once the article is published, I will inform you so you can see the mention. I will only charge you when you get a live link—otherwise, you don’t get charged at all.

Do You Need to Promote Your brand?

If so, I’d love to hear about what you have in mind.

Before you contact me, I have some news to give you: I only have enough room to take on one new client a month.

Also, I don’t do one-off jobs; they kill my productivity, and most likely, they will kill yours too.

I always recommend that my clients stay for at least three months. This time frame ensures a minimum of five links, which will surely improve the rankings of the pages/posts agreed on.

If you are interested, email me if you are committed to:

  • A minimum of $2,000 to start (per month).
  • A one-month lead time.
  • A minimum of three-month engagement.

If that sounds good, then click on the following button to email me:

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