How to Find the Best Freelance Writers for Your Company

Find Freelance Writers

Finding the right freelance content writer is a three-part process:

  • You look for the right writer in your company
  • You qualify the writer to check for quality
  • You contact the writer and start working

Both steps are equally important whenever you hire a writer, whether freelance, part-time, or full-time. The process is neither a long nor a complex process, but you must do it in order to avoid any potential problems.

Let me show you the exact process I’ve used to find amazing writers for some of my clients’ companies and the six questions I ask them to qualify them.

(And be sure till the end because I’ve got a nice extra bonus for you.)

Part #1: Implement the Breadcrumbs Technique

As I’ve explained in my Copy Hacker’s article,

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How to Hire a Team of Rockstar Writers (Plus a Checklist)

How to Hire Writers

Creating content in scale is a 2-step process:

  1. Have a content calendar;
  2. Have a team of writers.

The first step is rather simple to implement. Take the time to create your personas, make their problems clear, and define the content to create around those problems.

Hiring a team of writers, however, isn’t easy.

Sure, there are many writers out there. Go to any major marketplace, like Upwork or ProBlogger, and you will find hundreds of writers hungry for your content needs.

But that doesn’t make hiring the right writer for your company any easier.

You still need to make many many decisions before hiring a writer for your team.

Here are the five most important decisions you have to make to find the right writer,

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