How to Increase Your Order Frequency to Hack Your E-commerce Store Growth

E-commerce is flawed.

You see, e-commerce is a great business model. You get people to your store, you make them buy as much as they can, and you make sure they have a good purchase experience.

But here’s the problem: they may never return to buy again.

That’s why SaaS is such a rage: at the end of the month you can know how much money you will have in your bank account, even if you don’t grow at all (assuming a low churn rate). E-commerce isn’t as nice.

You can reduce this problem by increasing your traffic volume or your AOV, as I explained.

But this is nothing but a patch of a bigger problem.

There’s only one way to solve this flaw: increasing your order frequency.

In this article,

Growth Hacking for E-commerce: 5 Tactics to Grow Your Store

Growth hacking isn’t a discipline that is only made for SaaS businesses. Anyone can apply the same growth mindsets to any kind of tech business.

Yet, if you go to almost every article you will see is geared towards SaaS businesses. Maybe you will find some articles for mobile apps and marketplaces, but that’s all.

That is disappointing for those that are interested in other types of business models, like e-commerce. Since I’m an e-commerce store owner, I would love to see how I can apply the growth mindset to my store.

Why is growth hacking so focused on SaaS? Is it because e-commerce can’t be “growth hacked”?

Or is it because there isn’t that much interest in doing growth hacking for e-commerce stores?

Whatever it may be the reason, I think this is nonsense.

E-commerce is a great business model,