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10 Best Books on Writing to Develop Your Professional Skills

writing books

If you asked me what’s the best way to become a better writer, I’d say three things:

Read, write, and read about writing—in that order.

The idea that reading books on writing will help you become better at the task seems a bit strange at first. But after you start writing every day—professionally, that is—you will see that you will face some hard problems that will haunt you every time you sit down to write.

The simplest way to overcome these issues and adopt a philosophy of writing that will make you a more professional, resilient, and wiser writer is to read the books about writing that masters of the craft have published.

Learn from the best, and guess what? You will become the best writer you can be.

I love reading about writing because that’s how I’ve become a pretty good writer over time,

How to Find What Things to Write About

things to write about

There’s hardly a harder point in a writer’s life than to find what to write about.

You have many ideas, but you can’t seem to escape the blank page. It stares at you, and you can’t put words in there, even though you’re full of ideas.

If you want to discover how to find fun, interesting, and cool ideas to write about, this article is for you.

I will show you five tactics I’ve used to develop content every day consistently. Forget the headaches; these tactics are easy to implement and will ease your life, just like they did for mine.

Let’s get started.

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