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Before You Publish Your Next Article, Stop and Plan Your Content Promotion

plan your promotion

How many times have you published a piece of content, and told yourself the piece would drive a lot of traffic to your site?

Then, you publish the piece…and nothing happens.

Sure, you bring some traffic from your own company’s employees. You get a few hundred clicks to your article from your email list. You even get a few dozen views from social media.

Then, you start working on the next piece and let the one you just published sit there, as if it was waiting for Godot.

In my experience, I’ve seen many companies publish a piece of content after the next one without putting much effort into its promotion.

That’s a fatal mistake; if you are going to invest in content, you need to make sure it gets the exposure it deserves.

Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Aren’t Getting You Any Results

Marketing Efforts

I was furious.

I had spent two days preparing for this meeting, going over many details about my potential client. I wanted to blow their minds with my proposal.

The woman I was speaking to was the Head of Content for a marketing software company. She seemed nice and respectful, and she clearly understood what she wanted and what she needed from me.

25 minutes in, we were having a great call. She was sold. I was ready to hand in the proposal.

Now it was the moment of truth.

So Ivan, our budget per article is $200. Does that work for you?

Actually, my pricing is $400 per article,” I responded.

I didn’t hear anything for a few seconds.

I could sense her discomfort.

The Fear of Publishing (or Why I’m So Inconsistent to Create New Work)

There’s something I wanted to say for the past ten months, and I haven’t taken the time to put those words into my Google Docs.

I’ll say it right away:

I’m ashamed of myself.

No, I haven’t done anything illegal or morally wrong.

I did something that I regret with all my heart.

Let me give you some context:

I keep all the articles I write neatly organized in a Google Drive folder.

I have one for my own site called “Content Fiesta,” one for my guest posts, and the rest for each of my clients.

As you may have noticed, I’ve not written for my site in a long time. I published my last article, “How to Hire a Team of Rockstar Writers,” in July 2017.

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