5 Growth Hacks to Boost Your E-commerce Store Average Order Value


If you ask an e-commerce store owner what is his main marketing goal, he will most likely tell you “to get more customers”.

That’s understandable, but here’s the thing:

More customers don’t guarantee more revenue and profits.

Here’s why:

If all your customers spend $20 per order on average, and your profit margins are in the 30% range, you’d be making $6 per customer.

But if your customer spent $40 per order on average while keeping the same profits, you’d be making $12 per customer.

That $20 revenue jump isn’t hard to do, it only takes the right tactics and mindset.

If you recall, in the last article, I told you there are three keys metrics to a profitable e-commerce store:

  1. Number of customers.
  2. Average order value.